A Message Has Been Sent to the Arabs

A message has been sent to the Arabs. Its contents and purpose are unambiguous and unmistakable.

Husayn Al-Kurdi
Libya 360°

The message was burned into Egypt in 1956 when British, French and Israeli planes bombed the Suez Canal area and destroyed large parts of Port Said and Port Fouad and seized what they claimed to be their “rights” and “assets.” It was reasserted in 1958 when the U.S. Marines landed on Lebanese shores to protect American puppets there, and again in 1982 and 1983 when American gunships shelled Lebanese villages in tandem with their Zionist Israeli partners. It was delivered repeatedly to Ba’athist Iraq for over 35 years via wars, assaults, blockades and all manner of terrorism and subversion until they finally succeeded in installing puppet traitors there after devastating that country. It has been sent to Qaddafi and Libya through repeated bombings, attempted coups and assassination attempts, as well as a recently resumed full-scale onslaught on that brave country and its steadfast leader.

The French colonialists gave the message to Algeria, Egypt and Morocco, Italians delivered it to Libya and the British gave it to Egypt throughout the last three centuries. Portuguese and Spaniards joined as bearers of bad tidings in the chorus of death conducted by European crusading imperialists. A true history would show that the Crusades against the Arabs have gone on for over 10 centuries in a variety of guises, under different pretexts and brandishing various flags and banners.

The Palestinian Arabs have been getting the message from the Zionist colonizers of their land on a daily and consistent basis for more than six decades. The Zionists seized most of Palestina by the use of force and terrorism in 1948. Israel then invaded Egypt, Syria and Palestine in 1967, expanding their direct colonialist rule over Arab lands and completing their seizure of Palestine. The Zionists continue acting on their self-proclaimed mandate to expand their colonizing activities to encompass an area extending from the Nile to the Euphrates, as outlined in their “sacred” writings.

Now they have all coagulated under the aegis of the USA and at the instigation of international Zionism and are orchestrating what they figure will be the ultimate demise and final downfall of the Arabs in their own land. The despicable Arab puppets, including pending imperialist-approved “democratic” substitutes waiting in the wings to replace inefficient models currently holding office, are collaborating in the onslaught, as demonstrated by the hideously misnamed “Arab League” and its approval of the current attacks against Libya.

Certain Arabs not only know the message but act as delivery boys in its transmission. They disgrace themselves by selling themselves to the oppressors of their people, ingratiating themselves to their foreign masters, all the while pleading for payoffs and privileges for themselves which would be gained at the direct expense of Arab inalienable rights to self-determination. Some of them seek to slime their way back into Palestine via the servant’s entrance, without questioning the Zionist Jews’ right to wield power there. A number of them, especially and most easily while cowering in exile in the United States, turn against their fellow countrymen by promoting imperialist gimmicks and schemes which divide and destroy resisting Arabs, acting as accomplices in the murder of their true leaders and playing the lackey to the enemies of the Arabs, acting as willing house Arabs and plantation hands for the conquering intruders. They are fully aware of the contents of the message because they are delivery boys, serving as messengers for the messengers.

The message has been clearly and repeatedly delivered by American-European-Zionist imperialism which seeks absolute control and domination of the world in order to realize its capitalist profit gains. All machinations are subordinated to this overriding interest and any and all peoples are fair game for these hunters of humans and despoilers of human social justice and welfare.

The message says that the Arabs are the prime obstacle and therefore principal target for these world-devouring power-mad sociopaths. They have developed and are deploying a broad array of mechanisms in service to their malignant cause. Their mass media serves to fool Arabs into acting against their own best interests, to turn against themselves and each other as their enemies prepare invasions and wars against whomever and whatever may be impeding the path of their “progress.” Their control and manipulation of the computer Internet and related communications networks and gadgets plays a role in inciting already badly misinformed people to think and act in the manner most propitious to their designs. They have built up an unprecedented military machine to enforce their will and have proceeded with impunity to expend trillions on the destruction of people and nations, even as their “own” people are neglected and increasingly left to disintegrate and rot.

They are sending the message to the Arabs that they are their enemy number one. The capitalist imperialists cannot allow the Arabs to unite and develop an ever-advancing civilization, which they could be building if left unmolested to exercise their prerogatives to rule themselves according to their own needs and precepts in their own land. Anything and anyone that poses this type of a threat to them is an enemy who they will try to destroy. Nasser, the PLO before it was turned into an instrument of collaboration, Saddam Hussein and the Ba’ath and now Qaddafi and Libya are among those who failed to be the puppets and clients they wanted them to be and were “messaged” accordingly.

The enemies of the Arabs are banking on always being a step or two ahead of Arabs in their plans and operations. They are counting on Arabs being sufficiently behind the learning curve, so that they always will come up with too little too late to rid themselves of the encroaching and domineering imperialist blight which has plagued them. They expect to continue to fool the 350 million Arabs into doing their bidding, to continue to be defeated and conquered forever. They figure that Arabs will not become sufficiently alerted and aroused as they continue to ravage their lands.

Arabs can, must and will put the lie to the liars and their onslaught. They can and will go their own way in their own way to have their way. They need not and will not be fooled forever by the imperialist hawkers of a phony democracy and a freedom which means freedom to exploit and loot and profit itself at their expense. They don’t have to accept the losing proposition of turning against each other and against their honest leaders and have them replaced by puppet traitors. They can, will and must realize that it would be ultimate folly to be bamboozled into accepting anything or anyone but those who will advance the cause of Arab unity, freedom and socialism.

Arabs will realize that freedom for Egyptians, Palestinians, Libyans, Algerians, Tunisians, Syrians, Iraqis, Lebanese and all other Arabs is indivisible. They are coming to see that partitions, divisions or any other substitute for the integral freedom of the Arab nation as a whole will prove inadequate as a goal for their struggles. Arabs all speak the same language. They share a treasured heritage. They are all oppressed together and they will gain their freedom together. They will vanquish their foes when they cultivate unity and adopt the consciousness of that unity as their guide and goal. Nothing can be achieved without such a conscious unity, yet everything can be gained by its attainment.

The Arabs and their ancestors invented agriculture and were the founders of human civilization. They can grow their own wholesome foods, develop their own brilliant culture and create their own most just society. The Arabs have it in their power to awaken their own goodness which has been deadened and nullified by the evil designs of a malignant system and foisted on them by a foul traducer who has no ethical or moral scruples and who is determined to make them ever weaker and more ignorant and disunited, ever more ashamed of what is good and Arab and eager to adopt that which destroys them and is neither good nor Arab.

Husayn Al-Kurdi was raised in Libya. His mother was a well-known Egyptian citizen and his grandparents are buried in Tripoli, Libya and Cairo, Egypt. He serves as the spokesperson for the the Iraq Palestine Commitee.

For The Benefit of Uncle Sam
by Husayn Al-Kurdi

For the benefit of Uncle Sam and Israel
There will be a raid tonight on Tripoli
All the cut-throat killers will be there
Landing by land, sea and air
Murdering for Democracy!

And all the while the Yahoos smile
As their masters celebrate their victory

For the benefit of Goldman Sachs
The armored robots will attack
Flooding onto Libyan shores
As their Flickering Twittering Media roars
About their liberty!

And the mean ugly Americans
Play the part of Christians
and pray to their God of War

For the benefit of Standard Oil and Texaco
‘A hunting the mass murderers will go
To bomb and gun and rape their way
Come what may, night and day
Manifesting their destiny!

While the people of the world
Having heard the Last Word
Are placed in agony

Could there be another scenario
Another fate or place to go
Another role but that of slave
Another freedom besides the grave
For oppressed humanity?

As the underground prepares its guns
The resistances go hit and run
So one day we’ll get it done
And liberation will be won
In reality.


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