Venezuela Bolivariana: People and the Struggle of the 4th World War

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Presented at Globians Film Festival 2005: Venezuela Bolivariana: People and Struggle of the Fourth World War by Marcelo Andrade Arreaza examines the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela as connected to the world-wide movement against capitalist globalization. The film shows the evolution of the popular movement in Venezuela from the ‘Caracazo’ riots of 1989 to the massive actions that brought revolutionary president Hugo Chavez back to power, 48 hours after a U.S.-led military coup in 2002. The film ends with an epilogue that show the next steps that the Venezuelan people are taking, not only to fight against the oligarchy and imperialism, but to exercise what is called in the popular movement: Revolution within the Revolution. The focus of this 76 minutes documentary is how the Bolivarian Revolution, thanks to its incredible grassroots and networking power, is a revolution that transcends the national frontiers of Venezuela and contributes with concrete alternatives to the fight against neoliberal capitalism.

This movie is part of the collection: Globians Film Festival

Director: Marcelo Andrade Arreaza
Producer: Felipe Garcia
Production Company: Cooperativa Calle y Media
Audio/Visual: sound, color
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Keywords: Globians world and culture documentary archive; Globians Film Festival 2005; Globians; documentary; Venezuela; society; people movements; USA; hegemony; Latin America; Hugo Chavez; riots; military coups; neoliberal; capitalism
Contact Information: All rights reserved for commercial use of this work. For commerical licencensing, please contact: Cooperativa Calle y Media, Torre Humboldt, ofc. 12-09, Urb. Parque Humboldt, Caracas, Venezuela, 1080, Tel: +58.414.306.7211, email: coop [at], — “Globians” is a registered trade and service mark of Polzer Media Group GmbH Germany (


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